Harriet’s Church

12″X12” Acrylic on canvas Urban, but not a sketch. This is another I have been working on for the “Small Feats” fundraiser, now postponed indefinitely. The Salem Chapel, or British Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1820 by African American freedom seekers and was a centre of abolitionist activity. Harriet Tubman was probably the most […]

Staying at home 5

#uskathome Ink, watercolour and gel pen Another view of a window. I hadn’t intended to include the dog but she insinuated herself. Lighting changed from overcast (with thunder) to bright sunshine while I was sketching. I would like to thank urban sketcher Steven Reddy for his excellent tutorials. They have helped me enormously to loosen […]

Lock 4 (again)

12”X12” acrylic on canvas It looks as if the “Small Feats” fundraiser may have to be cancelled or postponed. This would be a shame as I know it is a significant source of income for the Niagara Artists Centre. Perhaps they will figure out a way of selling the paintings on line. This is Lock […]

Sts. Cyril and Methodius (again)

12″X12” Acrylic on canvas Here is another square foot painting, possibly for submission to Small Feats, the annual Niagara Artists Centre show and fundraiser. We shall see. Sts. Cyril and Methodius is a Ukrainian Catholic church in St. Catharines. It is a familiar sight to anyone who drives the Queen Elizabeth Way between Hamilton and […]

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