Harriet’s Church

12″X12” Acrylic on canvas

Urban, but not a sketch. This is another I have been working on for the “Small Feats” fundraiser, now postponed indefinitely.

The Salem Chapel, or British Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1820 by African American freedom seekers and was a centre of abolitionist activity. Harriet Tubman was probably the most famous member of this congregation.
It is located in downtown St. Catharines.

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Staying at home 5

#uskathome Ink, watercolour and gel pen

Another view of a window.
I hadn’t intended to include the dog but she insinuated herself. Lighting changed from overcast (with thunder) to bright sunshine while I was sketching.
I would like to thank urban sketcher Steven Reddy for his excellent tutorials. They have helped me enormously to loosen up and sketch without needing everything to be perfect.
This one is actually almost identical to another I did about a year ago. I guess I am running out of things to paint, or at least things to paint with a comfortable place to sit  while I do it.

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Staying at home 4

#uskathome Ink, watercolour and gel pen.

Unlike dogs who can rest immobile for hours, cats are rarely still for more than a few minutes, even when they are asleep. Marigold is feeling very pleased with herself because she finally figured out how to use the cat door. I have no idea what took her so long as she has been know to make her own exit when none was available (hole in screen door, twice, escape through ceiling at vet’s office). Here she is taking a break from her adventures.

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Staying at home 2

Pen and ink and watercolour.
Too much back-light for me to show this with the subject, so you will just have to take my word for it. The four hibiscus plants live in this window all winter. At least one of them is 20 years old. I prune the roots as well as the tops every couple of years, so they are effectively bonsaied. It won’t be long now before I can put them out on my porch.

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Lock 4 (again)

12”X12” acrylic on canvas

It looks as if the “Small Feats” fundraiser may have to be cancelled or postponed. This would be a shame as I know it is a significant source of income for the Niagara Artists Centre. Perhaps they will figure out a way of selling the paintings on line.
This is Lock 4 on the Welland Canal, as seen from the Glendale lift bridge. I am not sure why this view appeals to me, I have painted it before. I am reworking a lot of old themes these days, maybe with constant repetition I will finally be able to get them right. Sort of like a musician practicing her scales.

from Blogger http://splynch.blogspot.com/2020/03/lock-4-again.html

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