Lighthouse WIP

Lighthouse WIP

Here is a new work-in-progress. The canvas is 16″x20″ and I am painting in oil. The subject is one of the Port Dalhousie lighthouses which I gather is under threat. I don’t know much about it so I will need to do some research. I have put a couple of hours into it so far and it as probably about a third complete.

Work in progress

I don’t often post WIPs, mostly because every time I do I seem to change my mind or abandon the piece altogether. Not only that but I am posting this from my iPod, not an easy feat but I wanted to try out the WP app and I used a nifty scanning app to take the picture.
This is going to be another in my morning on the river series, larger than usual at 16″x20″. If it works out I will keep on with daily updates.



This tiny orchid traveled back with me from Puerto Rico. I pulled it off an orange tree and it was in a pocket of my shorts. I have been nurturing it for four months and it has finally repaid me with this delightful little flower, only a centimetre or so across. The pencil gives some idea of the scale.

Egyptian Blue

Medieval News: Ancient Egyptian Blue found in 12th century church

Ancient Egyptian Blue found in 12th century church
A team of researchers from the University of Barcelona has discovered remains of Egyptian blue in a Romanesque altarpiece in the church of Sant Pere de Terrassa in Barcelona. This blue pigment was used from the days of ancient Egypt until the end of the Roman Empire, but was not made after this time. So how could it turn up in a 12th Century church?in  

I subscribe to a number of esoteric blogs, many of them not directly related to art. I am fascinated by pigment and its history so this little mystery in “Medieval News” today caught my attention.