Common WIP 2

This might be finished but I will leave it on the easel over night, I will probably fiddle with it in the morning.

I took this image with my ipod, using a neat little app called “DocScan HD”. It is designed for scanning documents and has a built in perspective adjustment. This allows me to square up the picture and is much easier than downloading onto my computer  and opening Photoshop etc. However, the quality leaves a bit to be desired and makes my oils look a bit like watercolours. This actually has quite a lot of texture and more saturated colours than I am able to get here. I will use my Canon when I photograph the finished work.

See here

Another Common WIP

I sometimes wish I had the courage to leave things half done. I have a feeling that I won’t like this as much when it is finished.

Lighthouse WIP 2

I did a bit more work on this one today. I have almost obliterated the lighthouse in the process but it will be back.

Finished here

Lighthouse WIP

Lighthouse WIP

Here is a new work-in-progress. The canvas is 16″x20″ and I am painting in oil. The subject is one of the Port Dalhousie lighthouses which I gather is under threat. I don’t know much about it so I will need to do some research. I have put a couple of hours into it so far and it as probably about a third complete.