7″X5″ Oil on board

One more from the garden. We used to call them money plants when I was a child. The seed pods are lovely in Autumn arrangements.

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Fleur de Lis

7″X5” Oil on board

I recently saw a stop motion video of some plants with a comment about “who knew that plants moved so much”. Well, anyone who has ever tried to paint them, that’s who.

I knocked this little iris off while weeding yesterday and just had to bring it inside. There is some disagreement as to whether the fleur de lis is an iris or a lily. I have always thought that the iris is a more likely candidate.

It has been a long time since I painted in oils, and even longer since I was doing my regular daily paintings in this size. I am a bit out of practice but should probably persevere.

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Cherry blossom time

6″X8″ oil on board

Here is another one I painted a couple of years ago and never posted.
So many of these Niagara orchards have been ripped out and replaced with vines, they may have to rename Blossom Sunday.

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Vines Contre Jour

6″X8″ Oil on board
A couple of years ago the Niagara Artists’ Centre annual fundraiser Small Feats experimented with offering smaller, 6”X8”, paintings as well as the usual square foot works. As I was swamped with work at the time I decided to go with this size. None of mine sold and I guess it wasn’t generally very successful because they didn’t repeat this size the following year.
At the time I forgot (or didn’t have time) to scan and post them and I just remembered them now that another of my favourite local arts organizations is looking for donations.
This one will be available at the Carousel Caravan silent auction. It is valued at $100 but starting bid will probably be around $10, so you may be able to pick up a bargain.

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Peaches 2019

5″X7″ Oil on board
Almost every year I torture myself by attempting to capture a realistic likeness of our delicious, fresh Niagara peaches. Here is this year’s effort and below are some of my previous attempts.

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A Path not Taken

12”X12″ Oil on canvas

This is the last of the 12x12s I have painted over the past few weeks, and it will also be submitted to the NAC show.
Although this one also started out as a real place it became somewhat mystical as I was painting it  and I decided that it would go well with my two commuting pictures.
Commuting to work every day through the countryside and farmland is a big improvement over highway and city driving (except in the winter when the roads are the last to be cleared), but there is still no time to stop and explore those other paths that look so much more interesting.

I plan to go back to my postcard sized format for a while and doing lots of drawing , some of which I may post here.

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Morning Commute

12”X12” Oil on canvas

It’s about 7:30 am, somewhere between St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake, late Summer.

This is one that I think I will submit to the Small Feats show at NAC on April 6. All 12×12 paintings will be offered for $200 with some or all proceeds going to the Niagara Artists Centre

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Evening Commute

12″X12″ Oil on canvas

I seem to have spent my entire adult life living west of my place of work. This means that for about three months of the year I am driving into the sun in the mornings or the evenings (or both).
Driving from Niagara-on-the-Lake to St. Catharines requires crossing the Welland Canal. There are several lift bridges as well as a high-level “Skyway”. This is the Lakeshore Rd. bridge, by Lock 1. The date would be somewhere in early November.
I think I will submit this one to the “Small FeatsNAC fundraiser.

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