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Work in progress

I don’t often post WIPs, mostly because every time I do I seem to change my mind or abandon the piece altogether. Not only that but I am posting this from my iPod, not an easy feat but I wanted to try out the WP app and I used a nifty scanning app to take the picture.
This is going to be another in my morning on the river series, larger than usual at 16″x20″. If it works out I will keep on with daily updates.

More WIP

Further work on my commission

Here is my further progress on my pet portrait commission. I have tried to punch up the contrast a bit but I am still very unsure of the expressions. My source material is so scant and I barely know the annimals in question having only “met” them once. I guess I will let this dry for a bit and then finish it off.

Commissions – WIP

Cuddles & Minou[/caption]

I have always avoided commissions (usually by quoting such an exorbitant price that I manage to scare the client away). I was once asked to do something “about this big” (gesture with hands to indicate a piece about 24″X36″) in “browns and blues to go over my daughters bed”. Her budget was around $200, I suggested she visit imagekind and select something she liked. I have finally got a commission that I haven’t been able to avoid though. It is a portrait of two pets, the only “children” of a couple of friends of mine. I visited and tried to get some photographs but was unable to catch them together, I also have a couple of snapshots provided by the client, one is literally of their backs. I have put together a pastiche with Photoshop and am trying to paint something from that. I kinda feel like it is the commission from hell. I have never been a pet portraitist, the only animals I have painted being my own, ones I know intimately and don’t really need photos for.

Here is my progress so far. I will come back to it after the holiday and see if I can pull my ass out of the fire.

Peaches WIP

This is the first time I have done a true WIP for an oil. It is too bad it wasn’t something more successful. OH well, here it is

I was so unhappy with this that I actually went back and revised it slightly after it was posted (something I usually make a policy of not doing).

Another WIP

These WIPs are kinda addictive. Here is one for Thursday’s post.

For this one I did a tonal study on site as well as the photo. It was a bit awkward because I didn’t have anywhere to sit, and there was no shade.
Boats Photoboats study
I use a sharp white pencil to reserve small areas, it works quite well when I want to create light lines against a dark background. Like the railing on the dock, and the sailboats against the distant shore.

Boats WIP1boats WIP2boats

Trailer WIP

Here is another work-in-progress. The photo was first heavily cropped. The next image is just the pencil crayons before adding any water. After adding the first wash I work into it again with more pencil. I use several different kinds but mostly Derwent brand; Inktense, Graphitint and regular coloured pencils as well as aquarelles.

Trailer photoTrailer_WIP1Trailer_WIP2Trailer