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I subscribe to many blogs, either through Google Reader or by email. Now we have the opportunity to “Follow” blogs too. Every day it seems I find another that interests me. They are, of course, mostly artists or illustrators, but there are also several that are much more (even more?) arcane. Many of you may already have noticed that I have a thing about sheds and I subscribe to two shed blogs. I subscribe to one about collecting gardening books and another which covers the late Roman Empire. I am also honoured to have some subscribers of my own, some through the RSS feed, some through email and some “followers”. Many of these comment on my posts regularly, some only occasionally and some not at all. I follow Julian Merrow-Smith as do so many others. I usually don’t comment, he is brilliant and has dozens of people telling him so every day. One day I was so moved by one of his landscapes that I felt that I must say so, he didn’t respond, I didn’t expect him to. If he responded to every one of his comments he would never get any work done.
I have thought a lot about the etiquette of commenting. The first time someone comments I usually try to respond or visit their blog and make a comment of my own. After that, I usually go through my subscription list about once a week and comment where appropriate. Sometimes I have nothing to say, sometimes I don’t have time to make a considered remark. I am very grateful for the few comments I receive, I should try harder to acknowledge them all. If I don’t respond right away rest assured that I am reading them, considering them, visiting your blog if you have one, and when I have something to say, that hasn’t been said half a dozen times already, I will say it. I also promise not to be offended if you don’t respond to my comments. You may be busy with art or other things, or you may just not be ready to say anything yet. Thanks for visiting!

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