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My intention with this blog has been to post thoughts, news items and the occasional WIP that I felt wouldn’t be appropriate on my other blog. Recently I have been using Twitter and I think that has kind of siphoned off much of the material that might have appeared here. I seem to be addicted to trying new social media, strange because I am not naturally the kind of person who wants to live my life in public. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about my uncertainty of how to use Twitter and other media. I have settled into a semi routine of throwing in links to stories that I like during the day, I use Tweetdeck which helps with shortening the urls and “retweating”.
I tend to come upon ideas, stories or pictures that I want to share with someone and often have been unable to find anyone who enjoys the same things or whose interest is piqued by the same stories. My sisters and my daughter come closest but they all live many miles, provinces and countries away. To the men in my life I might as well be a foreign country. The internet has allowed me to throw these things out  to the world in the hope that they will resonate with someone out there.
My “art” is actually the same. I have always maintained that I have no pretentions to “fine art” as it is defined today. My painting makes no attempt to “redefine our preconceptions” or “speak to the human condition”. I see something and I want to capture some part of it. I post it and I am saying, “this is what I saw, isn’t it pretty/inspiring/funny?” I am rarely satisfied so I don’t suppose I communicate it very well, but I try nonetheless.

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