Harriet’s Church

12"X12” Acrylic on canvas Urban, but not a sketch. This is another I have been working on for the “Small Feats” fundraiser, now postponed indefinitely. The Salem Chapel, or British…

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Lock 4 (again)

12”X12” acrylic on canvas It looks as if the “Small Feats” fundraiser may have to be cancelled or postponed. This would be a shame as I know it is a…

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Another Small Feat

12"X12” Acrylic on canvas I have started working on some paintings for NAC’s annual “Small Feats” fundraiser. Here is the first, perhaps not quite finished but nearly there. I am…

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Vines Contre Jour

6"X8" Oil on board A couple of years ago the Niagara Artists’ Centre annual fundraiser Small Feats experimented with offering smaller, 6”X8”, paintings as well as the usual square foot…

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Morning Commute

12”X12” Oil on canvas It’s about 7:30 am, somewhere between St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake, late Summer. This is one that I think I will submit to the Small Feats show…

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