Sarah Lynch Thoughts What to say?

What to say?

I had ambitions at one time of posting here once a week. I have been posting to my Daily Painting blog pretty consistently every day for over a year, but I have had a lot more trouble finding something to say here. Perhaps if I could podcast while I am driving to work, that seems to be when I have all my best ideas. By the time I am sitting in front of the computer there seem to be so many other more pressing things to do.
As I work on the fringes of marketing and I am somewhat interested in selling some of my own work (if only to clear the decks and make some room for more), I have made something of a study of online marketing tools. I may not be quite an “early adopter”, but sooner or later I will probably try every social networking tool and online gallery out there. I try to avoid paying, so with most of them I only have a free account. Some I eventually pony up for the paid version if I can see true value.
Two that I have only recently signed up for are Linkedin and Twitter. I am not sure that either of them is really for me. With Linkedin I am unsure how best to use it. It doesn’t really seem to be ideally designed for free-lanceers, so I entered my employment information first, then decided to add my painting information too. Consequently I have this split-personality profile that is going to be hard for anyone to understand. Then there is Twitter. Can someone explain to me what it is for? I joined a couple of months ago and decided that I would “follow” a few people (mostly artists) for a while to see if I could figure out how to use it. Most of the “tweats” make almost no sense to me. They seem to be answers to questions that I missed, or just thinking out loud kind of musings that quite honestly would usually be better left unsaid. Something like those “What are you doing now” posts at the top of the Facebook page. Some people do post some interesting links but because of the space limitation they use Tinyurl, a good idea but I am not sure that I could be bothered. Anyway, I will persevere a little longer but I have a feeling it may go the way of several forums that I have joined and abandoned. When it comes right down to it I really don’t have enough to say.

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